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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of you who have sent in & sold me your old watches and jewellery, I have put many items into my personal collection.

As I am sure you are all aware I have compiled my price guide of watches together to enable you to get a rough idea of what your watch/es could be worth. However, it is virtually impossible to give exact valuations over the phone as the price of a watch is determined by many factors, such as Age, Condition, Rarity, Unusual Dial configurations, Whether they have their original boxes, old guarantees & paperwork.

The minimum prices shown are for watches that are broken, damaged or non working, up to ones that are in excellent condition.

Some of the makes listed were manufactured for specific markets & countries and had slight variations to the dials which make them rarer. Many models were made in series, for instance a first series model of say 1950 would be worth more to me than one from 1970. For example a Rolex Submariner would be of much greater value the older it is. Also if a watch has been over restored this detracts from the value - jewellery is impossible to value without seeing it.

For these reasons I need to see the watch/es & jewellery first hand to evaluate professionally & expertly. If you are unable to visit me personally at my shop in Brighton, please feel completely confident & assured to send your rarely worn possessions in by the method we have employed so that I may give you a firm quote once I see your articles. All postage fees & insurance up to £2,500 is paid by us & you are under no obligation to sell us your items, should you not wish to sell they will be returned fully insured by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

You have absolutely nothing to lose & I look forward to seeing your old watch/es & jewellery. They could be worth more than you think!

Please fill in the submittal form below and request one of our Royal Mail Special Delivery Packs which we will send out to you immediately. Thank you.

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